Business Process Mapping and Reengineering in three steps:
  1. STEP-IN: Analysis of Business Processes, information flows and tools with the responsible managers/ process owners. Alias Problem identification.

  2. OVERCOME: Business Process Improvement. Information flows and work flow Optimization by eliminating fog & noise. Alias Problem resolution in order to ensure a smooth and lean operational workflow and to enable manager to achieve high-level performance 

  3. WIN: Information and work flow Perfection with Gloss Enhancers. Alias Solution enhancement with continuous improvement for the active pursuit of the company's mission and vision.

Design of business intelligence tools for strategic analysis and decision support in 3 steps:
  1. STEP-IN: Analysis of information flows with the responsible Managers. Alias Identification of information needs.

  2. OVERCOME: Data model and report creation. Alias Critical information retrieval to ensure quick and informed decisions. Timing is everything today.

  3. WIN: Any valuable information within 1-2 clicks. Alias Dashboard Optimization with continuous improvement (KPI introduction, data mining) for the active pursuit of the corporate mission and vision.


Daily rate: 500 euro.