About me

Nicolai Suhaci

Reborn in Treviso city, I am an experienced IT consultant, I architect systems and processes to support Human Enterprise, passionate about strategy, tactics, adventure and the Universe. Here I will continue to research the light of truth and the beauty of life.

I believe in love, freedom, individual responsibility and serendipity.

I also believe there is a huge need in the modern world to dismantle what is false, which afflicts our lives and society in general. But since the truth is difficult to define, I think that a more manageable way is to eliminate the obvious lie. This idea is due to an old theological concept (apophatic theology). According to it, the human mind is unable to express what God is, therefore a more cautious approach to the subject and closer to truth at the same time, lies in the description of what God is not, by removing superficial and contradictory definitions. This concept, called also via negativa, can bring a lot of light and in many other fields such as philosophy, economics, medicine, psychology or even in business.

I firmly believe that deviations from truth and blind belief in “something” presents many risks and dangers. Great danger arises when the model-definition of “X” requires a certain action model, let’s say Y. You can have dramatic effects as a consequence of Y actions based on the definition of “X” especially when it does not correspond to reality at all. A few examples: in the economy – crisis and unemployment (instead of prosperity invoked by the model), in medicine — death or aggravation of the patient’s condition (instead of healing), in psychology – depression or undue suffering (instead of awareness of internal and external reality), in business – financial losses and waste of precious energies (instead of value creation processes).

I myself have been a victim (often involuntary and unconsciously) of many such definitions or ideas as “X is this”, which persuaded me to act wrongly, destroying human relations, material and spiritual resources and myself. I’m sure I still have many “corrupt” ideas but I wish to improve them or to change them for more correct ones, closer to reality and to truth. 

I believe that by accepting the battles for supremacy between Truth and Falsehood, between Good and Evil, eventually the Truth and the Good will prevail. For this, I am always ready to review my ideas about the world (awakening state in Christian theology), to embrace a more complete vision by updating the distorted one after an honest confrontation between them.

Inspiring Truth