On your way. Life is strange

This is how you go to bed

So yeah. You had a bad day yesterday. So you go sleep and you breathe deeply a few times more, after yesterday’s misfortune. You learned that breathing deeply takes away some stress. You have a relatively good sleep. Before you wake up at 8 am of course.

This is what happened:

A blond girl enters suddenly in your room. Initially you don’t mind the noise. Actually she’s really quiet and you don’t hear the door opening and you don’t hear her steps. So she proceeds on her way next to your bed.

Margouya Hostel Room
Margouya Hostel Room

She starts opening your backpack. At that point you hear the typical zipper sound effect – zzzzzt. Opened. You understand somehow that it’s the sound of your backpack, you heard it thousands of times in the last 9 months. Then your turn around and open your eyes to see what’s happening. And you SEE. A long blond hair first and… A NAKED ASS right in front of you. Then next few things pass through your mind in a matter of seconds, maybe a few milliseconds:

  1. You remember the other blond girl working in the hostel who slept in the same room a few nights ago.

  2. Ok, you say. Maybe she just wants to change underwear and she doesn’t mind, because you’re sleeping.

  3. Then you dismiss previous thought, labeling it as too strange. It’s not possible that someone will just strip just in front of you, just because you are sleeping.

  4. And she has long hair. And she has big ass. That’s definitely not the girl working at the hostel. She must be someone else.

  5. So you think about a sexual assault, maybe she does have some sexual intentions.

  6. Or maybe not.

  7. Instant dismissal of previous thoughts, when you hear her ass making this strange sound: “PRRRRTT”.

  8. “Is it real? Am I dreaming?” – you think.

  9. She starts to pee in your backpack.

  10. “Really?” And you touch her ass to check reality and hopefully update your brain and reality perception with the fifth sense: tactioception.

And then you realize this is for real

  1. “Heeeeey, what are you doing?” You scream. And you start pushing her ass away from your backpack. You’re afraid of the worst, because of that strange sound. You’re afraid she’s (_*_). Yeah pooping.

  2. She stops doing what she was doing.

  3. “Whew”– she was just peeing.

  4. Then you look at her face. She seems lost. And something is telling you that something there is wrong.

  5. You lost your capacity to articulate anything meaningful, relevant to the situation.

  6. It seems previous point can be extended to her. She tries to explain herself through gesticulation. She thought it is the bathroom, which is actually on the other side of the floor.

Yeah, you think it’s that. It’s kind of same thing as with your ex-girlfriend. She is a somnambulist. And you remember her stories about sleepwalking during the night. You remember your girlfriend having kind of convulsions while sleeping with you, trying to move and to do something. And you also remember yourself embracing her, trying to calm it down. You feel a bit nostalgic for a millisecond.

  1. The girl leaves the room, with me pointing in the direction of the REAL bathroom.

Then you’re puzzled

You are still shocked. You have many rhetorical questions. What the xyz was that?

Was that a sign? Or maybe a curse? Just a few days ago, your mother told you to be very careful with new people, because she had a bad dream involving someone doing something bad to you. Well, you may have thought it was the yesterday’s fine from the heartless cops, who were just doing their job. Should you reconsider that? What should you think about this? How is that possible to mistake the bathroom for your room and the toilet for a backpack? Even if you’re sleepwalking, it’s seems so unbelievable.

Thank you all for reading this. Never give up.

PS: If anyone reading this, has any reasonable answers to what and why this could have happened (to me), I’m just curious about any logical-scientific or metaphysical explanation behind this.

PPS: And before you finished this post, your Gmail account gets hacked as well and somebody logs in from the other side of the world. Nothing you can complain about. Nothing can beat you down anymore. Because you acknowledge the fact: Life is Strange.