Different degrees of freedom and slavery

There are different degrees of freedom and slavery. 

100% of humans in the worlds are slaves in different degrees.

Slavery is not just a physical restriction.

What is slavery?

Slavery is submitting our will to attain different ends (choosen or imposed by others) by acting purposefully or not and by applying different means. Pure slavery is not having any choice or control over the ends or the means. Pure freedom is having absolute control over them. What is our degree of control? 

It is difficult to choose wortwhile ends to pursue in our human lives. 

It is even more difficult to pursue different ends which are not in contradiction and which do not stop us from other wortwhile ends in the same life. Moreover, after choosing worthwhile ends, we can still choose the wrong means. 

Nevertheless, we choose. As humans, I believe, we are erring a lot, by applying bad means towards our ends or by pursuing wrong ends. 

When applying bad means, we become slaves of our own ignorance and of our own Lie or... maybe someone else's. 

Think about Love. How much did we love in the deepest sense of this word. How much did we misinterpret this term during our lives, by lying to ourselves that what we do or not do is Love? 

Think about Honesty. How often did we lie to ourselves and to the world? Devilish failure.  

When we discover some of our chains, we may feel freer, by getting rid of them. However, in fact we are not, because we do not see all of them and because we are not always willing to remove constantly those that we see. 

In addition, by removing some chains, we need to put other chains on us, which allow us to reach other worthwile ends, for example the chains of Truth, depending on what does Truth mean to us and depending on which worthile ends we have discovered for ourselves.

So we have one amazing thing in this world, we are all slaves and we have the freedom to choose whose slaves we want to be, slaves of the Truth or slaves of the Lie and to which degree.