Letter to My Future Self

Letter to My Future Self

Dear FutureMe,

I speak to your soul. Because the soul is the first principle which drives all the right actions in life. When your mind is lost, think more about the neverending power of soul. You will never be completely satisfied with your thought process, but you will continue the search for questions and answers and you will continue to have the wow aha&moments and you will experience again those you have had in the past.

Help your brother, speak from the soul to your mother. Extend yourself for the spiritual growth of people you love or want to love.

Do not buy products, buy experiences, buy life. Don’t buy house as a product, buy it as a love experience for your future familiy, for your future sons and daughters. Because the house is not an external thing, it is within you. Provide house for your beloved within you.
Eat healthy.
Do gym.
Read great books.
For your life and work career, follow what feels the most true to you, no other way arround!

Be free to delete what doesn’t fit into you and to add what is missing.

Do you keep track of your goals, my dear? Do it, put them down on a paper, review them regularly, do it until your brain gets used to do it. Concentrate yourself on ONE thing at a time.

Bible is powerful and you know it! Open it!

Forgive others first and then forgive yourself for past wrong actions.

Let Love be the main driver of your life.

Best wishes,
God is with and within you